How To Navigate BYU As An Ex-Post-NOM-Never-Mormon

A Few Words About Why This Is Necessary:

We all want our campus to be a place of social support and acceptance for those who are in need of a community. Our campus family has members who are struggling to feel accepted and loved because of the systems that BYU has in place to restrict liberal experimentation of one’s religious preference unless that preference is to convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. FreeBYU targets changing current policies to promote religious freedom on BYU’s campus; however, until those changes are officially adopted, here are some possible resources for those who don’t quite fit the mold to find community and live according to the standards in which they feel most comfortable. The social consequences for publicly expressing one’s shift in religious belief from LDS member to non/partial-believer can be dire. If you are struggling, welcome! If you don’t feel this guide is for you, I hope you can pass this along to anyone you feel might benefit from it. We depend on all people–independent of where you fall on the spectrum of belief–to aid in creating and fostering a healthy environment for everyone who wants to call themselves a part of the BYU campus family.

Here are some experiences of fellow BYU students


  1. Bishop’s Interviews
  2. Church Attendance
  3. Tithing Settlement
  4. What is “Anti-Mormon” Material?
  5. Moral Ambiguity
  6. Experimentation and Harm Reduction
    1. Gay Sex
  7. Maintaining Appearances
  8. Family Relations (Topic)
    1. Discussing Your Faith Crisis With Your Family
  9. Self-Care/Mental Health and Wellness (Topic)
    1. Callings
    2. BYU Counseling
    3. Practicing General Self-Care
  10. LGBTQ Resources
    1. Map of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms on Campus
    2. Being Queer at BYU
  11. Finding a Group
  12. School Transfer Guide
  13. Relevant Links

Upcoming Pages:

  1. Non-Religous Service Opportunities
  2. Psychological Services Near Your School
  3. Friends and Roommates
  4. Interacting with the Honor Code Office
  5. Healthy Perspectives on Sexuality
  6. How to Handle Not Going On a Mission

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